Year In Reviews With Go2KarateSites

Feedback and Reviews Matter

Let’s Review

No, this is not another article about what occurred in 2016 for you or your business. This is your friendly reminder that reviews on your business truly help promote the validity of your services. Highly important for all business to have credibility, reviews back up the quality of your products and services.
The modern day shopper goes online and researches before purchasing, so reviews from real customers are essential to gaining more. Word of mouth advertising, your reviews are both feedback on your business as well as powerful reasons to join. Think of your shopping habits, how many reviews do you read before you are ready to buy or decide not to buy? Let me state the obvious here, positive reviews are huge for opt-ins and purchases, but what happens when not all or most of the reviews are negative. These 0, 1, 2, even 3-star reviews are negative and often harmful to your sales.

Negative Reviews

Is any press good press? Maybe, not in all cases, not all businesses can handle bad feedback (some never recover). It is better to get ahead of any negative feedback as you may even salvage a customer from it. Reputation Management seems like a full-time job (that is because it is) so always encourage your satisfied customer to leave feedback on their experience. Negative reviews, though unfortunate, should be few and far between. Too many negative experiences with your business can slow down and even stop new clients utilizing your products/services. Try to follow up on any negative reviews either public or privately, this shows you care about your business’s reputation.

Go2Karate Directory Listings allow you hide (not delete) any negative feedback on your program in the instance it may occur. This allows you to show positive reviews on your Martial Arts School listing; however, be aware the star rating will still affect your rating average. Go2Karate’s feedback also gets crawled by search engines and will show when your business is displayed (searched for).

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