Go2KarateSites eCommerce sites

Shop ’til ya drop… online!

Go2KarateSites makes e-commerce easy with proprietary systems and solutions that guarantee the success of your online shop. From 2014 to 2015 there was a 5% increase in online shoppers in the mobile segment, a continuing trend in 2016. In addition, 80% of US population has made a purchase online, it’s about time your website added an online shop.

Using Go2KarateSites e-commerce solutions, you will enjoy these features:

  • Glitch Free Shop

    Build a robust, glitch-free website for your online shop

  • Shopping Cart Options

    Choose from an array of shopping cart technologies, a relevant software that allows you to take orders, calculate shipping and sales taxes and send notifications to your customers without any complications and hassles

  • Comprehensive e-Commerce Toolset

    Create product catalog, payment gateways, tracking systems and reporting capabilities using our comprehensive e-commerce toolset.

  • Website Hosting Services

    Register for a domain, set up email accounts and host your store using a secure, safe and cost-effective website hosting service.

  • Performance & Execution

    Post to your blog to increase your website’s growth and performance with ease while keeping track of all your websites performance statistics such as analytics, call reports, form fill outs all on the same display

  • Shipping Tools

    Set up shipping and logistics strategies

Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, right? We provide direct support, which no big-box e-commerce solution vendor provides, to ensure you are able to resume business as quickly as possible, if your site experiences an outage. Our solutions have helped hundreds of businesses run their online shops easily and efficiently. Be a part of the successful Team with Go2KarateSites.