Device Optimization

Go2KarateSites Mobile design

Everyone sees the same thing differently, how are you seeing this? Well if you’re like most, there’s a high chance you are on a smartphone, 78% based on our analytics. If most of your web traffic uses devices other than desktops, shouldn’t your website be designed and perform across every platform? Mobile-optimized websites are the need of the hour, with Go2KarateSites you get a website built to accommodate all your visitors.

Win customers over with faster load speeds, tailored content and improved user experience

51 percent of emails (including those with marketing content) are opened using mobile devices. 70 percent of these folks delete emails that were not optimized for mobile and understandably, didn’t render well on their smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. Furthermore, 57 percent of mobile consumers abandon a website if it doesn’t load in a user-friendly format or within three to seven seconds.
Mobile optimization is huge to Go2KarateSites, every page we build is mobile to tablet to desktop ensuring the best user experience for all your website visitors.