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Go2Karate® is a product and service of Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. a Virginia Corporation. Herein referred to as Go2 Karate®, Go2Karate®, and or Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. P.O. Box 68820, Virginia Beach, VA 23471.

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Go2Karate® and Rev Marketing 2 U, Inc. – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Authorization of Preauthorized Automatic Payments

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Annual Percentage Rate The cost of your credit as a yearly 00.00% Finance Charge The dollar amount the credit will cost you 00.00% Amount Financed The amount of credit provided to you or on your behalf. Total of Payments The amount you will have paid after you have made all the payments as scheduled. Total Sales Price The total cost of your purchase on credit, including your down payment of:
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Buyer Gives Authorization:

I (we), the undersigned hereby authorize Go2Karate® (Hereinafter referred to as Provider, Go2Karate® and or Rev Marketing 2U, Inc.) and or it’s approved financial institution to initiate debit entries to my (our) checking account and /or credit card as selected within this agreement. This is to include a $21.00 redeposit fee for bank or credit card payments returned or declined. I (we) truthfully acknowledge the origination of the EFT, draft or debit transaction to my (our) account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law. This authorization is to remain in full force and effect until said Company has received a signed written notification with a 30 day notice as to any such changes with banking information or credit card information changes. This written notification must be sent to Go2Karate®, P.O. Box 68820 Virginia Beach, Virginia 23471.All credit card charges will be charged a monthly service fee of $10.00. Any monthly installment over one thousand dollars a month paid via credit card will be charged an additional processing fee of 3% the installment amount.

Agreement Note:

I understand that by signing this Agreement I have signed a contract/note which may be purchased by a financial institution. I, the buyer and Guarantor, hereby acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Agreement and will not contact Provider in any manner as to coerce the cancellation of this contract. I understand that except as herein provided, this agreement is absolutely non-cancelable. Should I default, I agree to pay all costs of collection, including but not limited to Collection agency fees up to 50% of the unpaid balance, court costs, and attorney’s fees of 33 1/3% of the amount due when turned over for collection. Provider will manage the purchased service in a professional time frame based on the buyer(s) supplying the appropriate information.

Cancellation Policy:

All contractual agreements are non-refundable and non-cancelable.

Governing Law/Exclusive Venue:

This contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Virginia. Excluding that State’s choice of- law principles, and all claims relating to or arising out of this contract, or the breach thereof, whether sounding in contract, tort or otherwise, shall likewise be governed by the laws of Virginia. Exclusive Venue of any claim made by the Buyer or Provider against the other or any third party in which either Buyer or Provider are a necessary party shall be brought in the City of Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Personal Guarantee

In consideration of Go2Karate®, extending credit to Buyer(s), we individually, jointly and severally do hereby personally and unconditionally guarantee to Go2Karate®, the payment of indebtedness of the Buyer(s), including any and all costs of collection, including collection agency fees and reasonable attorney’s fees of 25% of the unpaid balance. The undersigned waives notice of acceptance of this guarantee by Go2Karate®, and notice of default or of non-payment on any of the liabilities. The use of any titles shall in no way be deemed to limit the personal guaranty. Any change in ownership interest or relationship of Guarantor to Buyer(s) shall not relieve Guarantor of obligations under this personal guarantee unless prior written notice is provided to Go2Karate®,

This Guarantee shall be a continuing guarantee and shall remain in effect subject to discontinuance as to any of the undersigned only upon actual receipt by Go2Karate®, of 30 days written notice from undersigned, provided no such notice of discontinuance shall impair or effect any of the agreements or obligations incurred with respect to any and all liabilities existing prior to the time of such actual receipt by Go2Karate®, of such discontinuance notice. I the undersigned Guarantor hereby agrees by signing as Guarantor of this contractual agreement I truthfully and willingly agree to guarantee this agreement.

Terms of Service (TOS) and Privacy Policy:

I the Buyer hereby agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement as well as the Terms of Service (TOS) http://revmarketing2u.com/terms-of-service and the Privacy Policy www.revmarketing2u.com/privacypolicy.

Change Order:

Any such design changes, add-ons, alterations and/or exchanging of photos Buyer will complete the appropriate request document prior to engaging with such change. See http://revmarketing2u.com/change-order-request for any and all change requests.

Buyer(s) Support Ticket:


Agreement and or the Terms Of Service (TOS) between the two parties, the Buyer(s) and do hereby promise to make all payments to Go2Karate®, in the same manner as if they were the principals of said Agreement. And furthermore, the Guarantors do hereby authorize and empower any attorney of any court of record of the state of Virginia or elsewhere to appear for and to enter judgment against the business, buyer and or Guarantor, in favor of Go2Karate®, for any sums due under this Agreement plus interest with costs of suit, court costs, collection fees, release of errors, without stay of execution, and with thirty-three and one-third percent (33 1/3%) as a reasonable attorney’s fee, and the Guarantors hereby waive and release all benefit and relief from any and all appraisement, stay or exemption laws of any state now in force or hereafter to be passed.

I Promise to Pay to the Order of Rev Marketing 2U, Inc. Go2Karate® or its Assigns the Total Above Written Sum. Should default be made in any monthly installments, or fee’s the entire remaining sum due herein shall be due and payable at the option of the owner of this note and shall bear interest on the principal amount due at the rate of 9% per annum from date of default. If any installment, is more than ten (10) days past due, a late charge of $25.00 or 5%, whichever is greater may be assessed. The undersigned personally charge their separate estates with the payment of this contractual note. This contractual agreement is non-cancelable. I understand that any such payment that is in default may constitute the URL to be placed in an off line mode until payments are brought current. If any installment is more than ten (10) days past due, a late charge of $25.00 or 5% of the payment due, whichever is greater, shall be assessed.


I the undersigned Buyer(s) hereby acknowledge and agree to these terms set forth herein and agree that the Terms of Service (TOS), Private Policy have been fully reviewed.

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