Tuesday Tip of the Week from Go2KarateSites

Website Growth

In the past few weeks we have talked about the importance of images, Search Engine Optimization, and being creative. Why is this important to your website? Growth.The reason everyone has ever had a website is raising awareness about a product, service or hobby. Of course, there are challenges in getting that growth to your website. Surely you have come face to face with these troubles that occur. It is not just you or your website. If you find year after year your website is not growing as you have intended, smart solution is to go to a 3rd party view for feedback on how to change that. Analytics can tell you a lot about your website.

Growth Takes Time

Websites do not magically grow pageviews, users need a reason to go to your website. Most common will be for educational research, anytime you need to know more you YouTube or Google it. Content is the lifeline to your website, the organic push that will ultimately place your brand higher in Search Engine Result Pages. Best practice is always to organically grow your website. Adding your presence to your community to better your brand.

Know the difference between organic and paid marketing, start adding the interest & and attraction to your website. Return will come!