Tuesday Hot Tips: Current SEO for Martial Arts Websites

Go2KarateSites Better SEO Tips

Tip: Keeping a keen eye on Search Engine Optimization is one of the smartest things a content creator can do. Blogging is not just about content, but the way you deliver the content to your followers.

SEO Updates

Over the past two decades, there have been countless updates to how search engines look for ‘the best’ content to show in their organic results. From the last update named: Fred (unconfirmed) to the first few back in early 2000, each year brings more and more updates and changes to the short ‘norm’ of the world of SEO. Staying aware of these updates can mean staying alive for your URL(s). What practices used to be beneficial to do, now may be hurting you in current posting. Yesterday we gave you a small glimpse of SEO tips for posting images. Go2KarateSites will continue to share helpful tips for your martial arts website with you so you can stay current on SEO guidelines.

Choosing the Keywords

You’ve got your topic talking points for your martial arts website. The main concept of what you are sharing with your followers; however, if you are not using the right keywords your content will miss your target. Clickbait articles always seem to master this. Avoid keyword stuffing. If search engines algorithms pick up on an extreme amount of keywords this will hurt your website rather than adding to its organic results. Search Engines are making it a constant goal to deliver the best content to the correct audience, making sure the user gets the exact information for which they are searching.

You get out of your website what you put into your website. For many businesses that use they website to grow their brand, this often goes underwhelmingly misused. Expecting your website to gain traffic and grow your leads in form entries and phone calls just because you have a website on your URL, you will be disappointed. Adding content to your website is the only way it will grow. (paid marketing should not be counted on as the only traffic source). Which is why staying up to date on Search Engine Optimization is so highly important. Martial Arts websites should be pushing out educational and interest generating content that will keep the website traffic coming back to the website, not all website users will fill out a form or call after one post or one category page.