Search Vs Paid: Marketing For You

Which is better paid or search marketing? Truthfully, there is no one clear answer on this subject. Paid and Search advertising are ultimately what will drive your website traffic, but there are a few items to consider when it comes to marketing your Martial Arts School. The first being to evaluate where you are now in your online footprint and marketing effectiveness.

Know Your Competition

Most important thing you can do is know your competition. A great way of determining where you’re at is to discover what the competitive businesses in your area are doing. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers trying to find a good Martial Arts School to enroll in, how easy is your school to find, which networks is your brand name on? Compare to your competitors – which shows up first, which brand is more welcoming and has greater appeal? Distance is a huge factor in this.. how far out of the way are you to your target market. You want your Martial Arts business to be positioned right in the path of your traffic.

Another key factor to consider, blogging. Do your use your website’s blog to the full potential? More on this in a bit!

Paid Marketing

2017, by now your business is most likely utilizing paid marketing. Be it Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads, etc. No matter which platform(s) you are using the essential part of your paid marketing is where are you sending the users engaging in your ads? The landing page(s) that promote what you are selling can make or break your ads success.

Just as your ads promote your business, your landing pages should reflect what your ads indicate. Creatively of course, but not to the extent of click bait. When you are promoting your services, click bait will only hurt your conversion rates. Drive your traffic toward an offer that will entice their interest, don’t waste their time and your money.

Search Marketing

Google your business, no seriously google the service (martial art style) you provide in the area (town, county, city) you provide it. Where does your business show up (exclude the sponsored ads portion)? While you are searching think of how often you are willing to go to page 2, page 3, even page 4, close to never, right? You are not alone. If a user doesn’t find the result they are looking for, they either change their search or move on.

A couple of areas will determine where you show up. Rich History, the older your website (URL), the more likely Search Engines will show your website. This does not mean your young URL is hopeless; however, it does make it difficult. Yes Search Marketing is “free” but you will pay for it with time and effort. Search Engine Optimization, Content, backlinking, images, blog posts and more can come together to push your website to higher SERP heights.

A key term mentioned in the previous paragraph: blog posts. The most vital part of any and all websites “findability.” Now, do you need to use your website’s blog? Well, don’t expect your car to travel very far without gas. Posting educational, unique (do not copy and paste content that already exists on the internet) content will pack the most punch and give your website the most traffic. For more on what makes a good blog post vs. a bad blog post stay tuned to Go2KarateSites.

Stay Tuned

Becoming the dominant force (business) for Martial Arts in your community is a war, not a battle. Brave the storm and got to unchartered territory with Go2KarateSites Marketing packages. Get your evaluation by calling or fill out the contact us form. We look forward to hearing from you!