Monday Message From The Team!

Message from the team

This week we take another look at the ever-growing topic of SEO, an interesting take comes from an article written by Bobby Lyons. Most businesses do not use SEO in this aspect, but should. How do you use SEO to help grow your brand?

Positioning SEO as brand protection

Iconic brands stand the test of time by placing brand ahead of everything else — so when working with an established brand, one effective way to obtain support for an SEO program is by focusing on brand protection rather than potential traffic and revenue opportunity.

Explaining the role of SEO in brand protection is a compelling argument for establishing and investing in an SEO program. Position your program as a defender of the brand first and a revenue stream second. Brand recovery opportunities come by at a much lower frequency than revenue opportunities, and single misplacement of priority can be devastating.

Columnist Bobby Lyons outlines the ways in which search engine optimization (SEO) is critical in building and defending your brand’s reputation online. Read More on SEO: The missing piece in Brand Protection here