Message From The Team: Back to School

Go2KarateSites Back To School

Depending on where you are children are already heading back to school, which means it’s Back to School season. Truthfully, Back to School Season usually starts in early July. Parents prepare for the Back to School season early to mid summer, before the first day of classes which means that it when you need to get your products and services out there in advance.

So what does this mean for Martial Arts Schools? It’s also time for you to start offering your back to school or after school program special offers! At Go2KarateSites, we strongly urge to everyone set a start date for your events 90 days out at the latest to begin marketing and promoting. This way you can increase your marketing reach and also have time to optimize any part of the campaign that is not efficiently working.

Keep this tip in mind. All marketing campaigns need time to yield results. Putting out a flying on Facebook 7 days before the day of an event will not produce any results. Having trouble with your marketing strategies or would you like to see better performance. This goes for After School Programs as well. Let’s talk about it, give Go2KarateSites a call when you want to keep your Martial Arts School staying ahead.