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Social media marketing has grown into a mainstream channel for corporate marketing in the past few years. Nearly all businesses have social media profiles on all the various sites, and while it seems like nearly everyone is following the same rulebook for social media success, you may be missing a few elements. Go2karateSites can connect all your Martial Arts Social Media Campaigns and sites, some can even connect straight to your Martial Arts Marketing Website.

While it’s important to be consistent with your social media marketing efforts, be sure to not spam your fans, this is one of the fastest ways you could get yourself unfollowed or thrown out of their newsfeeds. Stick to a maximum of four posts per day, and make sure what you post is meaningful and not a blaring advert. Make sure you promote your various social media accounts on your newsletters and business cards so people know how to follow you online. Also, link your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr on one another.

Social media marketing is all about showing your customers that you care enough to interact and help them. When your fans post questions or comments on the posts, make sure you respond to them. Make sure you post and share engaging posts so your social media page becomes a page for open dialogue between customers, and you increase your customer base.