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Email Marketing

Email Marketing, tried and tested and proven to work, and it is not going away anytime soon. Due to everyone using the internet, everyone has an email. Over 1 billion people have a Gmail account. Though professional emails should not end in or @, etc. businesses should have the name of the Martial Arts School in them – Email campaigns are something every Martial Arts School should be using, not every lead will decide to join your student base right away. Placing their email into your nurturing campaign will increase their awareness and interest in joining your Martial Arts School.

Go2KarateSites Core-10 Active websites give you the opportunity to add Email Marketing into your marketing website capabilities. Ask if your current Email Marketing system is available for integration with Go2KarateSites Website. Give your Martial Arts School an upper hand in Email Marketing while improving upon your marketing strategy. There’s a very high chance the other Martial Arts Schools (your direct competition) are already utilizing a mailing list campaign in their strategy.

Websites are a great tool for lead generation, especially when your opt-in form captures emails. Furthermore, every email your website receives should go straight into your mailing list and the appropriate campaign. Monitor your emails open rate, click through rate and opt-outs to tailor emails for your mailing list. One tip to follow: make sure your content is correct based on the intention of the campaign. As a result, you will see fewer opt-outs.

Making sense of this all, get moving forward by getting in contact with Go2KarateSites to see what we can do for you!