Go2Karate Presents Marketing Martial Arts Webinar with Google!

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Marketing Martial Arts Webinar By Go2Karate

So don’t forget Adwords – that’s the way to multiply your leads online by paying for ads (well it’s not the only way but it’s the dominant way) and in our SECRETS of Google DIRECT no-holds-barred Webinar you’re going to hear how to do it the best way so you

  • Maximize your traffic (and that means more qualified leads and more members)
  • Minimize your cost per member (make sure you get the best return-on-investment or ROI)
  • Make it easy to run the campaign right!

Even if you don’t have a lot of money you can run an Adwords campaign for a really minimal budget and get GREAT results – if you know how to do it.

As we’ve talked about you will hear DIRECTLY from a REAL LIVE GOOGLE Strategist. This is for SERIOUS SCHOOL OWNERS ONLY! You’re going to also hear

  • …how to make your website so good that every time a lead lands on your webpage they call you or fill out the form on your page!
  • …correct your website design – the parts you don’t see – so Google (and the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing) rate your site at the TOP of the page. You may have a “beautiful” site on the outside but if the insides are not correct you will NEVER get traffic.
  • EXTRA BONUS: need to know about using Facebook – how it can work to get TONS of traffic (and where a lot of people completely waste their money and time)

We’re going to cover a TON and we only have 48 spots left so please register now if you want to get in on the SECRETS OF GOOGLE!Go2Karate Google-Webinar

(WARNING! Please, if you are happy where you are at and don’t need any growth, please don’t attend – we need the limited spots for the owners who want to grow their school!)

Marketing Martial Arts Webinar – Live with Google!

Sept 20th, 2017 at 11am pacific, 2pm eastern!

Wou have to be effective online to grow – there are lots of ways you can generate new members (and the Go2Karate team are the undisputed experts at all of them) but far and away Google is the top way prospects look for your school… did you know:

    • According to NetMarketShare Google currently,  represents over 81% of internet searches
    • There are more than 160 BILLION Searches on Google Monthly
    • Adwords – the paid advertising arm of Google dwarfs all other paid advertising online.   


  • To “Google” something is even in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary!  


This is a unique chance to get TONS more members with SECRETS straight from Google. It’s 100% FREE and it’s LIVE AND you must be registered to access it AND we only have 48 spots available – that’s it – so go now to:

Marketing Martial Arts Webinar – Live with Google!