If It A’int Broke, Don’t Fix It: Optimize It!

Optimize Your Marketing Strategy

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It…

Everyone has heard this saying before at least a hundred times, and while there is some truth to it there is also something missing. Optimize It. What every online marketing knows all too well, just because things are going well doesn’t mean leave it alone – it is not perfect.

This being said a lot of Business Owners think that when something is working that it will continue to work.. it has to continue to work. More likely is the case that when something is running well (smoothly), another thing is on the brink or already gone wrong. Identifying what that piece of the puzzle is can be a challenge, but the hard part is anticipating and preventing.


Yesterday we shared an article that covered getting creative in marketing strategies, big brands gave a few examples of how they kept it going. In the case of Plum Organics sharing business cards and coupons to those for feedback on baby food. That is Plum Organics getting real world preferences on their product line directly from their target demographic. The goal is to deliver the best possible product while also getting insight into how to optimize their product.

Getting feedback can be a challenge, but it can be a vital tool when it comes to the brand. Coupons for feedback is a good incentive for the customer to provide it. It can take some out of the box thinking to keep optimizing your marketing strategy, which is why many businesses have meetings quite often brainstorming. Relying on industry norm these days is the safe move, but is it the best? What ways do you stand out from your competitors in the Martial Arts field? What are ways you can get creative and optimize how you get your products to the highest standard you can offer?