A Message From The Go2KarateSitesTeam!

G2KSites message from the team

This week we spoke with Frank, our COO & Interactive Media Genius, on the topic of properly using, adding and posting images. Keep this post handy the next time you are uploading and tagging your images into your blog! 1) Use at least one image in every post

• A picture is worth a thousand words
• They help make an article more appealing
2) Use the RIGHT image
• It should be reflective of the topic
• The file name should reflect the topic (rename before uploading).
• avoid things like DSC12345.jpg
• Search engines not only crawl the text on your page, they also search for keywords within your image file names.
• Do not keyword stuff your alt tags (for example: alt=”martial arts karate mma classes best taekwondo judo fighter”) use keyword relevant to what the image portrays, think natural search (alt= Karate Kids Kicking).
3) Use the right size
• Scale your image to the largest size you need. Loading a 1920×1080 picture that only displays at 250×150 can slow your site down and hurt your SEO.
4) Alt text and title text
• Users using a screen reader due to a visual impairment get their information about the picture from the alt text
• Most browsers will display the value of an image element’s title attribute as a tool-tip when you hover your mouse cursor over it. It’s used to provide non-essential information, for example the mood of the image.
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