The toughest test of a manager is not how they deal with poor performance — it’s how they address mediocrity. I’ve been struck over the years watching executives opine in public about the need for “accountability” and “high performance,” then complain helplessly in private about one or two middling members of their own team. You […]

The idea of “work-life balance” is an invention of the mid-19th century. The notion of cultivating awareness of one’s work versus one’s pleasure emerged when the word “leisure” caught on in Europe in the Industrial Era. Work became separate from “life” (at least for a certain class of men) and we’ve been struggling to juggle […]

Martial Artist Daniel Longoria

Questions & Answers. Welcome to Go2KarateSites interview with Daniel Longoria, of Longoria’s Black Belt Academy. This is the second installment of the interview with Daniel Longoria so if you missed it go read part 1 now and enjoy!

Several years ago, colleagues and I were invited to predict the results of a start-up pitch contest in Vienna, where 2,500 tech entrepreneurs were competing to win thousands of euros in funds. We observed the presentations, but rather than paying attention to the ideas the entrepreneurs were pitching, we were watching the body language and microexpressions […]